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Laura Bridgman Exploring the Brahma Viharas Retreat

Fully Booked


Jackie Jones Yoga

28- 31 May 2021

Helen Chadwick Singing Creative

Fully Booked

11-13 June 2021  MORE INFORMATION

Vicky Thornton Yoga Retreat

18-20 June 2021

Manda Scott Earth Gate

25-27 June

Helen Chadwick Wild Harmonies

Fully Booked – waiting list

15-18 July 2021  MORE INFORMATION

Ken Garrod and Jeremy Bruce

Buddha Metta Retreat

23-25 July 2021  MORE INFORMATION

Pauline Down SongWaves

30 July-1 August 2021  MORE INFORMATION


Manchester Buddhist Society

3-5 September 2021

Manda Scott Between the Gates

10-12 September 2021

Michael Harper

The Moment of Ingeniousness in Singing

21-26 September 2021  MORE INFORMATION

Jackie Jones Yoga

1-3 October 2021

Manda Scott Foundation

8-10 October 2021

Helen Porter Exploring Your Voice

15-17 October 2021  MORE INFORMATION

Ilybea Yoga 22-24 October 2021

Zarine Katrak & Matthew Trustman

Finding Homeground - Creative Exploration in an Uncertain Landscape

12-14 November 2021  MORE INFORMATION

Laura Bridgman The Threshold of Insight

Meeting Suffering with Awareness
19-24 November 2021  MORE INFORMATION

Closed until March 2022