Buddha Metta – Reflection on the Buddha’s Words on Loving Kindness

Ken Garrod and Jeremy Bruce 29-31 July 2022

A weekend of Buddhist meditation and an exploration of Metta for everyday life, based on the approach of Ajahn Sudhiro  

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This retreat of meditation practice is open to anyone interested in exploring how Buddhist principle of loving kindness can be applied to everyday life. It follows the approach of Venerable Phra Chaowaphit Sudhiro (Ajahn Sudhiro) who invites us to ‘live in the Dhamma’ whoever and wherever we are. This is a way of life, based on the qualities of loving kindness, generosity, wisdom and skilful conduct, which can inform every aspect of our daily lives.

Ajahn Sudhiro is a monk from the Thai Forest tradition of Theravada Buddhism with many years of practice, his understanding of Dhamma (teachings) and his ability to convey his vision to people of many nationalities, has enabled him to inspire people from around the world.

The Thai Forest tradition was inspired by the example of Ajahn Mun Bhuridatto (1870-1949) and is a return to living simply and mindfully. This approach provides opportunities to practice in the seclusion of the natural environment, as recommended by the Buddha.

The Retreat

The schedule for the retreat will include periods of silent meditation practice, walking meditation, chanting and Dhamma discussion.   The five precepts, based on a practice of harmlessness, mindfulness and letting go of unskilfulness, will be held for the duration of the retreat. This will take place from the Opening Meditation until the afternoon of the last day to support inner contemplation and a feeling of Sangha (fellowship).

During the retreat Ken and Jeremy will provide a framework for exploration of the Dhamma with space for questions and comments within the group. They will also offer space to discuss your practice.


Outline Programme

Arrive Friday after 3.00pm and settle in

18.00 Supper

19.30 Introductory gathering and meditation


5.30   Wake up bell

6.15   Morning chanting and sitting meditation

7.30   Breakfast

9.00 – 11.45 Morning practice period

12.00 Lunch, free time, rest

14.00 – 17.00 Afternoon practice period

18.00 Light supper and free time

19.30 Evening practice and Dhamma discussion


6.00 Wake up bell

6.45 Morning chanting and sitting meditation

8.15 Breakfast

9.00 Morning practice period

11.30 Packing and clearing

12.00 Lunch

1.30 -3.00 Closing practice


Ken Garrod received temporary ordination for over a year with Ajahn Sudhiro. He has spent many years visiting him at his monastery in Thailand and helping with pilgrimages.  He is also the President of the Manchester Buddhist Society and a trustee of the Buddha-Metta Society UK


Jeremy Bruce also received temporary ordination with Ajahn Sudhiro and has helped in organising his visits to the UK, as well as spending time with him in Thailand and India.  He is co-founder of Hill Cottage Retreat Centre and a trustee of the Buddha-Metta Society UK.

The Buddha-Metta Society was formed in the UK in 2009 by a group of lay Buddhists. Its membership includes both ordained and lay people who wish to support and take part in the activities of Ajahn Sudhiro. The Society gained charitable status in 2013.

Food and Accommodation

The cost for food and accommodation for the weekend retreat is £180 the dhamma teaching is by donation see below).   We would ask for a deposit of £80 to confirm your place.

We will provide a simple breakfast of porridge after early morning practice, a vegetarian main meal at lunchtime and a light supper in the early evening. Refreshments will be available during the day. Accommodation is in single rooms. We will provide bedding, bed linen and towels.

Generosity or Dana for the Teaching

The Dhamma teaching is freely given by Ken and Jeremy. At the end of the retreat, Retreatants, who wish to, can make a donation for the teaching to the Buddha Metta Society UK, which supports the work of Ajahn Sudhiro.


There are 12 places on this retreat

If you would like more information or a booking form, please contact Jeremy at info@hillcottageretreats.co.uk